Our Services

  • Urgent Care

    Urgent Care

    Same-day urgent care service for prescription medications, treatment of infections and injuries

  • Wellness Care

    Wellness Care

    Alternative and conventional approaches are combined with the goal to provide relief from symptoms or acquire more energy so you can have more fun, be more productive, or have time for family, friends, and the things you enjoy.

  • Conventional Care

    Conventional Care

    We do urgent care, physical exams, order tests and scans, start and refill prescription drugs, perform procedures and referrals.

  • Alternative Medicine

    Alternative Medicine

    Alternative treatments often eliminate problems or manage issues to reduce costs, prevent hospitalizations and avoid prescription drug side effects. Many choices are available with wellness care and natural treatments.

  • Telephone Consults

    Telephone Consults

    Telephone consults eliminate travel time to and from the doctor's office and eliminate waiting room time. This allows evaluation and management from remote locations.

  • Supplement Store

    Supplement Store

    You can stop by and purchase supplements for a wide variety of conditions without becoming a patient. You can call and purchase supplements which we will ship to you.

  • Insurance and Discounted Cash Payment

    Insurance and Discounted Cash Payment

    Most insurance is accepted. We are unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid, L&I, or CHPW at this time. We offer a discounted cash visit for patients with no insurance, insurance we cannot accept, or patients with high deductible insurance.

Meet David Overton

David Overton

David is a nationally certified Physician Assistant who provides integrated conventional and alternative medical care at Natural Medicines & Family Practice under the supervision of Dr. Richard Faiola, MD, ABFM.

Our Address

1315 Ruddell Road SE
Lacey, Washington 98503

P: (360) 357-8054
F: (360) 236-9703

Not All Supplements Meet Claims

We frequently see patients failing to get results with supplements purchased elsewhere. Most people think all supplements are created equally but chemical analysis proves otherwise. When you purchase supplements, you should ask for a certificate of analysis, which measures ingredients and the presence of toxins.

Exams and Treatments

We provide wellness care with conventional and alternative exams and treatments.

Diagnostic Testing

EKGs, laboratory tests, noninvasive circulation testing, glucose and insulin evaluation

Nutritional Counseling and Supplements

Pharmaceutical grade supplements and effective nutritional counseling