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Our goal, at Natural Medicines & Family Practice, is to offer integrative services that bring the best practices and services together for accessible, holistic treatment your family can rely on.

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Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine Olympia WA
Natural Medicines & Family Practice offers many services for children, teens, men and women of any age. Of course, we offer the staples of conventional care while also offering natural medicine options. We often integrate conventional care with alternative medicine so that our patients have the best overall health care available. We use both conventional and natural exams and treatments in our wellness care to help our patients get and stay healthy. We have the capacity to do diagnostic testing (such as laboratory tests or glucose and insulin testing), x rays, scans or referrals to find the cause of a health problem and begin the appropriate treatments.

We understand that when urgent health situations occur, it isn’t always possible to set an appointment in advance. We offer urgent care appointments to get you into the office fast. Urgent care in our office is much less expensive than an emergency room. In addition, we provide telephone or telemedicine (i.e. Skype video appointments) consults for those times when a person cannot come in.

Telemedicine consults

We can schedule these for anyone with a phone or internet connection. Our office may be located in Olympia, but David consults with people all over America and from Norway to South Africa to Venezuela to Japan. Some of the most common consults involve immune problems, chronic viral infections (especially Epstein Barr or Cytomegalovirus), chronic fatigue, genetic issues, fibromyalgia, brain problems (small strokes, tremors), circulation or heart problems, blood sugar, MTHFR issues and other problems.

We can help with many problems and can work with a person’s local medical providers to coordinate care and management.

Combining the Best of Conventional and Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine Olympia WashingtonOur on-site supplement store has a wide selection of natural supplements that come with certificates of analysis, providing detailed information about the ingredients. This is critical, especially since the New York Times recently published information that many supplements sold at pharmacies and health food stores do not contain the correct ingredients.

As part of our approach to natural medicine, if a person wants, we can use supplements to complement conventional care. This combined approach offers a wider array of targeted support for holistic, whole-body care and over time we can reduce or stop prescription medications.

Patient-Centered Care

Our goal at Natural Medicines & Family Practice is to offer integrative services that bring the best practices and services together for accessible, holistic treatment your family can rely on.

While we diagnose and treat any condition that fall under general family practice and urgent care, we frequently treat conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Blood Sugar imbalances
  • Natural weight loss
  • Circulation or heart problems, which are present at younger ages and often not correctly diagnosed in women
  • Chronic Pain management
  • Acid/ulcer and other digestive problems
  • Allergies, sinus and lung problems: often low level infections are the problem
  • Immune problems, especially auto immune conditions
  • Food sensitivities and celiac disease

Insurance and Discounted Payment Solutionso

We work with insurance and discounted payment options to help your find easier payment methods for your natural medicine and health care needs. We accept and bill most private insurances. If you have no insurance or high deductibles, we offer a discounted price for office visits and diagnostic tests.

Call or email us today to talk about your health care goals and let us bring the combined benefits of conventional and natural medicine together for the best possible care for you.