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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Olympia WA
Natural Medicines & Family Practice offers a unique combination of conventional and alternative medicine. This means we bring together the best of both worlds: the diagnostic tools and medications offered by traditional medical practices as well as natural supplements, lifestyle reviews, examination of exposure to toxins, and other holistic approaches to healthcare. This combination allows us to utilize a more comprehensive methodology for our patients.

People today are exposed to more lifestyle and environmental causes of health issues than ever before. As a result, we are seeing much higher levels of degenerative and even genetic diseases. Many healthcare providers are not trained to include things like lifestyle, diet, and environmental toxins in their diagnosis and treatment plans. Instead, clinicians are trained to manage symptoms as they arise.

Our approach to alternative medicine takes into account the full constellation of symptoms, rather than treating them in isolation. We review what underlying causes these symptoms may be pointing to, and what lifestyle factors may be creating or adding to them. In other words, our goal is to find and treat the root causes of conditions, rather than managing the symptoms alone.

Some of what we offer in our approach to healthcare includes:

  • Addressing lifestyle concerns and risks
  • Diagnosing and treating genetic and degenerative conditions common in the US or that run in a patient’s family
  • Identify conditions by reviewing past medical records and running additional tests when needed
  • Customizing a treatment program that may include:
    • Conventional treatments (prescription drugs, diagnostic testing and other modalities)
    • Alternative treatments (lifestyle and nutritional counseling, weight loss, homeopathic herbal medicines, nutritional medicines, naturopathic treatments, vitamin shots, acupuncture treatments and other modalities) as needed

Comprehensive Alternative Medicine

What does alternative medicine have to offer?

Alternative medicine opens up a wider breadth of diagnostics and treatment options. Our view of alternative medicine looks at the body’s systems as interrelated. Rather than considering each symptom in isolation, we see them as coming from related sources and possibly reacting to one another. Our aim is to find the root source(s) of symptoms and treat the cause as well as the related systems effecting one another, rather than simply offering medication to minimize a single symptom. With this approach, we are able to help patients in Olympia and around the world find long-term results.

We work as advisers and advocates for patients to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

Some of what we help patients with:

  • Find the source of healthcare conditions and treat the source, along with the symptoms
  • Boost energy levels to help patients feel more active and productive
  • Promote longevity and overall wellbeing—which then reduces the risk of more severe (and expensive) conditions from occurring
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Naturally control weight
  • Manage blood sugar levels
  • Promote healthy circulation
  • Chronic pain management
  • And much, much more

As a primary care and family clinic, we combine conventional and alternative medicine to access all avenues of healthcare to promote the wellbeing of our patients.

Call today to schedule an appointment and get your health back under your control with alternative medicine.