Blood Sugar Management Olympia

Blood Sugar Management Olympia WA

Blood Sugar Management

Blood sugar or blood glucose balance is important for everyone to understand, because children, teens and adults frequently have:

  • Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, which is more damaging than high blood sugar. We find, reverse or manage this issue. Most diabetics have low blood sugar and may not know it. Many doctors do not manage hypoglycemia effectively.
  • Pre diabetes, which means without the proper treatment the person will likely progress to diabetes. We can reverse or manage this issue.
  • Diabetes, which is occurring in teens and young adults. We can manage and sometimes reverse this issue.
  • Type 1 diabetes: the pancreas no longer produces insulin. This is commonly caused by viral infections and treating them can help. In addition, most Type 1 diabetes never control blood sugar levels well because the wrong type of insulin is used.
  • Type 2 diabetes, which David treats holistically, just see below what causes this and why we offer many treatments.

David at Natural Medicines & Family Practice in Olympia understands blood sugar problems very well. In addition to finding he had severe hypoglycemia (a form of pre diabetes) and reversing this, he watched many family members suffer and die from complications of Type 2 diabetes (because they would not add natural treatments). He saved his remaining family member from diabetic complications, just by changing his diet and adding a few supplements.

Blood sugar imbalances frequently damage many systems: the brain, nervous system, eyes, blood vessels, heart, kidneys, liver, digestive system, immune system, infection and inflammation control systems, hormone levels and more. Rebalancing blood glucose reverses, slows or manage damage to these systems.

To prevent fluctuations in blood sugar and prevent long-term consequences, we have treatments to keep blood sugar stable. We test blood sugar levels, talk to patients about symptoms that offer clues about too much or too little blood sugar and assist patients in learning ways they can avoid and manage spikes and dips in their levels. We utilize both medications and natural methods of management to find the best balance appropriate for each patient.

Most doctors think Type 2 diabetes is where the body’s production of insulin is decreased. Insulin decreases blood sugar. Too much or spikes of insulin is one cause of hypoglycemia. Insufficient or low insulin is only one of the treatable causes of diabetes. Keep reading to learn the treatable causes of diabetes.

David tends to avoid prescribing insulin because:

  • There are better treatments. In fact, using better treatments, insulin shoots can be avoided or reduced and sometimes we get people off insulin shots.
  • It’s frequently a challenge to teach people to give daily shots
  • Insulin frequently causes weight gain, which makes diabetes harder to treat
  • Insulin depletes nitric oxide, which promotes circulation damage, heart disease and strokes. We test nitric oxide levels in all patients to manage circulation problems.
  • If injections must be used, newer medicines are only injected once a week. Most people prefer 4 shots per month to 30 or more shots per month