Family Practice and Primary Care Olympia

Looking for a friendly clinic for family practice and primary care in Olympia?

Family Practice and Primary Care Olympia WA

Natural Medicines & Family Practice is a clinic for primary care and family practice in Olympia that offers both conventional medicine and alternative healthcare. Our providers are dedicated to caring for patients and empowering them so they can play an active part in their own healthcare. We focus on education and prevention as well as the alleviation of symptoms. As a family practice, we are in a unique position to observe conditions that may run in a family. We also understand that lifestyle habits, such as diet and levels of exercise, are likely to be similar in family members. We help families find ways of supporting themselves and each other toward better health.

Your individuality is essential! Even for identical symptoms, there are no one-size-fits-all treatments. It’s important to take individual factors into account such as genetics and lifestyle. That’s why we create unique treatment plans for each of our patients. Individuality isn’t a minor factor we take into account; it’s a crucial element!

Our primary care team is versatile

A primary care practitioner is one who can treat all the general conditions that arise in a person’s life. That can be anything from the flu to weight loss. We also do urgent care in Olympia, so you don’t need to go anywhere else when an emergency comes up. Many patients use us for chronic conditions because we’ve proven that we know how to help. Some of the common concerns we help patients with include:

We’re your one stop primary care provider

Having one place to go for all your healthcare needs and one provider who knows you is one of the best ways of getting the most out of your healthcare. We even accept most major insurance plans and can work out a reduced payment for people who do not have insurance. Schedule and appointment today at our family practice and primary care clinic in Olympia and feel good knowing you will get the comprehensive healthcare you need.