Natural Medicine for Anxiety and Depression Olympia

Natural Medicine for Anxiety and Depression

Natural Medicine for Anxiety and Depression Olympia WA
Anxiety affects 18% of adults in the US. An anxiety condition is defined by its interference with an individual’s ability to function naturally in their day-to-day life. Anxiety and depression are crippling for individual as well as for the people in their social and family circles. The causes of an anxiety condition are many. Anxiety and depression can be caused and/or exacerbated by things such as food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, inadequate balance of gut micrombiome, and hormonal imbalance—to name a few. Natural medicine for anxiety and depression seeks to go further than simply addressing the symptoms of these conditions with medication. Natural Medicines & Family Practice offers a comprehensive review of the source causes behind anxiety and depression to not only reduce or even eliminate the symptoms, but the causes behind them as well.

Natural Medicine for Anxiety

Each individual is different and so is his or her source and expression of anxiety. Our clinic offers a unique combination of natural medicine as well as conventional diagnostics and treatment. This means we can both utilize prescription medications for quick relief of anxiety symptoms while also reviewing possible causes. Our aim is not to simply stop the symptoms but to help the person gain control of his or her life and wellbeing by finding and reducing the causes of anxiety.

Our diagnostics tools allow us to review possible culprits such as hormone and blood sugar imbalance, while we also take the time to interview patients about their diet, exercise levels, family history, and more. We bring together this larger picture of an individual in order to better understand any and all contributors to the condition. We create an individualized anxiety treatment plan to reduce the anxiety as well as the need for medication as a primary source of treatment.

Natural Medicine for Depression

What many people may not know is that depression is a form of anxiety. Whether it presents with oscillating symptoms of anxiety and depression or depression alone, it is a debilitating condition. In the same way that we use both conventional and natural medicine to treat anxiety, we also utilize the best of these treatments for depression.

Natural medicine for anxiety and depression may include

  • Lifestyle changes involving diet and exercise
  • Hormone balancing
  • Probiotics and other methods of gut-balancing

  • Supplements and herbal support
  • Changes to sleeping routine
  • Methods of stress reduction

As family and primary care providers, we offer continuing care to our community. We do more than just treat a symptom and send you away; we are advocates for your ongoing health and wellbeing.

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