Natural Medicines & Family Practice Services

Here at the Natural Medicines & Family Practice clinic, we offer many services to the community. Of course, we offer the staple of conventional care that most people like to have. At the same time, we offer alternative medicine and often integrate conventional care with alternative medicine so that our patients have the best overall health care available. We use both conventional and alternative exams and treatments in our wellness care so that we can help our patients stay healthy. We have all the capabilities to do necessary diagnostic testing, such as laboratory tests or glucose and insulin evaluation so that we can find the cause of your health issue and begin to treat it appropriately.

We know that urgent health situations often occur and that it is often not possible to set an appointment in advance when this happens. We offer complete urgent care services so that if you have an urgent medical need, we are here to help you address it. In addition, we know that there are times when you may be unsure as to whether you need to be seen by a medical professional. This is why we provide telephone consults to our patients.

Many of our patients appreciate our supplement store where we use natural supplements that have certificates of analysis to provide you with better information about the ingredients contained in what is being offered. Many natural supplements can complement specific therapies which work together to help the whole body get or stay healthy, and we use these as part of our alternative medicine care.

We work with insurance and discounted cash payment options so that you can more easily pay for your healthcare needs, and most private insurances are accepted here. If you have no insurance or high deductibles, we offer a discounted price for an office visit. As you can see, here at Natural Medicines and Family Practice, we offer services that other practices offer as well as additional services that help to treat you and your family holistically.

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